Advantages of Hybrid Cars




Selasa, 08 November 2016 12:54:45

Advantages of Hybrid Cars - Cars Hybrid cars combine an engine using fuel and battery-powered electric motor. Both the engine and electric motor, combined with each other in a moving car. While the car is moving slowly, the car will be on the move with an electric motor and a gasoline engine battery power will be turned off. If the car runs faster, the gasoline engine will propel the car while doing pengesian battery. For a clearer Hybrid system, please read here, how hybrid cars work.
Advantages of Hybrid Cars Pros And Cons Compared to Non-Hybrid

1. Efficient Fuel

Although hybrid cars also use a machine that uses gasoline, but in terms of fuel consumption, the advantages of hybrid cars is very significantly better fuel economy compared to non-hybrid cars. Things that make fuel-efficient hybrid cars, because cars use gasoline engines do not live continuously.

When you turn on Hybrid Cars, engines with fuel oil did not live. Hybrid car electrical system is fully in tenagai by battery, good audio, air conditioning, power windows. When you run a hybrid car in low speed, to drive a car driven by a battery-powered electric motor. With this way of working, of course, gasoline consumption would be far more efficient than non-hybrid cars.

Currently in Indonesia, hybrid cars only on the type of car luxury category as the Toyota Prius and the Toyota All New Camry. Of course, a luxury car with a fuel injection system and the engine compression ratio of at least 10.5, its performance will not be effective if you use premium fuel.

To get a smoother engine performance dikendari, you should use non-subsidized fuel with a minimum octane content of 92% as pertamax or pertamax plus.

With pertamax more expensive price more than doubled from a price premium, using fuel efficient cars, perhaps very significantly reduce the expenditure of money in the purchase of fuel oil. Frugal with fuel a major factor in the advantages of hybrid cars.

2. Excess Car Hybrid Low Emissions

Because burn less gasoline hybrid cars, hybrid cars certainly lower excess emissions.

3. Lack of Low Vibration & Sound Machine

When you drive a car in the traffic jam, the engine noise and engine vibration, which makes most people feel uncomfortable. Advantages of Hybrid cars, congestion when the gasoline engine is not life and that drive Hybrid cars are battery-powered electric motor. This makes the advantages of hybrid cars was minimal vibrations and sound is very quiet.


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