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Selasa, 08 November 2016 12:47:10

Oil Prices Car - In addition to protecting, oil is also beneficial to increase the performance of a car engine so that the engine turns into good and create a strong force. There are several Simple Paint A Car Matte Black types of oil that are known at this time that synthetic oil, semi-synthetic oil and mineral oil in which the three oil is used under different conditions - different.

Many famous brands automobile oil and bekualitas sold in the market as a top 1, shell, MOTUL, Castrol, Repsol, Agip and others. Each brand certainly has the functionality, advantages and disadvantages of different - different. The price of oil in the car than motor oil is different where Car Paint the viscosity and different capacity. for those of you who are looking for information regarding the price of oil in the car for an oil change you expected then the following information can help you.

Recent oil price ADNOC 2016

ADNOC VOYAGER 15W / 40: Rp Rp 315.000

Recent AGIP Oil prices in 2016

AGIP Extra HTS5-40: Rp 36.000
AGIP Formula 2000 Extra 10W-40 SJ / CF: Rp 61,000
AGIP Sint 2000 10W-40 SJ / CF: Rp 79.500

Recent AMSOIL Oil prices in 2016

AMSOIL OE SAE 5W / 20: Rp 145.000
AMSOIL OE SAE 5W / 30: Rp 145.000

Recent oil price BARDAHL 2016

Boosting BARDAHL B1 ENGINE POWER: Rp 60.000


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