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Selasa, 08 November 2016 12:42:34

Excess Daihatsu Ayla - Presented the most important times for th 2012, in addition Ayla is then born before Agya. arrival duet Ayla and Agya and connect anyway romance cracks Daihatsu and Toyota. Same-identical stand under the superiority Astra, Husus on Ayla PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) placed under the first-stage Agya. though by way of this rich set Daihatsu Ayla Toyota Agya briefly in the valley, but do not be pessimistic court appearance and toughness. by means of technology and physical robustness, it could be your child's hands up Ayla Agya address made by Toyota. But if the parameters that mahajana purposes, so Daihatsu Ayla can be proud because at a time when it became one of the single best-selling LCGC form in the Air. Yes, blessing minimalist idea but continued solid posture, Ayla so big city public worship vehicles that have high mobility. Another Car Wax Review truth Daihatsu Ayla's early success, namely the provision of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor who do not want to change his mind to pieces sedan. with sales figures that the high pass, Ayla really be one of the single most top donor income for the Daihatsu Indonesia, not only of course Xenia. first, what is the wisdom of this Daihatsu Ayla? Kok was able thus ayu demand in the market?

In addition to the idea of ​​minimalist solid body shape that has, indeed Daihatsu Ayla was having so much wisdom that made him one of the favorite single-country vehicles LCGC Air. together disparate performance Agya who have delinquent on dose LCGC pass, this time Daihatsu Ayla shine even quieter. mismatched along the segmentation to the great city residents, Daihatsu really mix with spices composition Ayla engine performance balanced and efficient fuel consumption which alias economical. Daihatsu Ayla to this, the machine is used Daihatsu braid D26F 1KR-DE. Machine recorded that 3-cylinder engine together technologi Exhaust Intake 2: 2. capacity of 998 cc engine capable of spewing spirit writing maximum 65 segede mobile phone for 6,000 rpm engine speed and torque of 8.7 Nm big se to 3,600 rpm. create LCGC dose with a base city car, Daihatsu Ayla's performance is absolutely guaranteed time invited an ascending pass on urban streets that bustle. so, although the physical way Ayla dose is quite low, but this car will transmit that relief in the comfort of passengers and the driver. This is because the subject has been in the Arm Daihatsu Ayla along McPherson Struts suspension system along with a snail that is certainly so comfortable. in fact, Daihatsu Ayla added equip along Electric Power Steering type (M, X, and Elegant) then handlingnya guaranteed to be more steady. except that, Daihatsu Ayla was relieved to have the mouth area of ​​the cabin, the passengers in it can not be felt fully crowded together with the spaciousness of a maximum of five human passengers. See, up here in fact the tiny Car Waxing Ayla apparently can not be underestimated. the more he said, following the pillowcase kumplit concerning the specification and claims Daihatsu Ayla.


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